Departure information for Wellington J at 06:39

Stop Ref: 45012554

ServiceToTimeLow Floor
60Leeds Bus StationDueYes
75Leeds The HeadrowDueYes
42Oakwood4 MinsYes
A1Leeds Bus Station4 MinsYes
33Leeds Bus Station5 MinsYes
5LGI6 MinsYes
55Leeds The Headrow8 MinsYes
65Leeds The Headrow9 MinsYes
42Oakwood13 MinsYes
34Leeds Bus Station16 MinsYes
60Leeds Bus Station22 MinsYes
5ALeeds26 MinsYes
A1Leeds Bus Station28 MinsYes
33Leeds Bus Station31 MinsYes
55Leeds The Headrow07:20 
34Leeds Bus Station46 MinsYes
42Oakwood47 MinsYes
5LGI48 MinsYes
60Leeds Bus Station50 MinsYes
75Leeds The Headrow54 MinsYes

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A Sunday timetable in operation on most bus services on Thurs 2 & Fri 3 June.

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